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XoomProject Manifest:

About us: 

XoomProject is a business. Yes, yes, you heard right. And just like any other business we need to sell to survive. Well, like everyone does. But we are persons more than a business, two friends in particular, who are trying to live on what they love (a clue, sport).

A great majority of our benefits are invested in the pursuit of new products, projects or ideas which allow us to always offer you the best. Because that’s the way we are: honest. In our warehouse we have a corner full of unsold products. We haven’t sold them because we consider they don’t have the quality you deserve to receive. Because, we repeat: we are persons more than a business, and as the persons we are, we don’t like feeling cheated buying products that disappoint us.

We’re quiet people. We’re sociable. We’re strong and consistent. We’re tenacious and we have patience. We feel fortunate. We feel alive. We feel brave, dynamic and energetic. We are XoomProject.

What we do:

We love what we do. It’s true, and a lot. We get involved to the fullest with the world of functional training. One might also think that too much (Ask one of our family members…).

We started investing, even what we didn’t have, to manage to come this far. But we have something that, currently, we still haven’t lost: enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for a project that gives a meaning to such an effort, for a purpose we have to fulfil. We feel the passion to live on what makes us happy.

We decided to sponsor young athletes to help them pursue their careers. We decided to participate in Teen Camps. We trained withJohn Singleton. Ultimately, what we do is enjoy sport everyday.

In Xoom Project we feel the passion to live on what makes us happy.

What we like:

You can’t imagine the satisfaction it gives us to know that we are giving you the best, or at least that we’re doing everything we can to do so. And it’s not for posing, nor are we’re saying all of this just to sell more. It’s that actually, doing things well is satisfying. And a lot.

Even today, after so many years, we feel great enthusiasm when reading your comments on how happy you are with your order. That’s why we like to do things well. Because going to work with a smile on your face makes everything worthwhile.

And not only do we love you liking the quality of the product you receive, we like even more, ensuring that there is no need to charge an outrageous amount of money, nor inflate prices because that’s what our competitors do. We like to sell quality at a fair price.

We like to make things easy for you. We like to attend to you the way you deserve. We like to have convenient returns policies. Because sometimes we make mistakes and items are returned to us. We’re human and we can only understand each other by communicating. No cheating.

In XoomProject we like to attend to you the way you deserve. No cheating.

What we will always be:

Persons. Yes, we can be quite annoying, but it’s just that it’s so important for us, that you get the idea out of your head that “a business is created just to earn money” (ok, neither should it lose money). We’re quite normal, maybe our love for sports is what makes us so different. We’re not elite athletes, but we understand each and everyone of them.

We want to offer the best to sports lovers, and that’s what we’ll always want to do. We don’t care whether you compete at high-level or you just want to stay in shape. You are one of us.

We’ll be the ones who accompany you on your training every day. We’ll be the ones who continue to write this blog to help you. The ones who walk in your shoes. Who understand your satisfaction when you beat your own mark. Having said this, we are and we will always want to be one of yours.

In XoomProject we want to offer the best to sports lovers. And that’s what we’ll always hope to.

What concerns us:

We’re concerned when we make a mistake and don’t realise it. Believing that we’ve sent you the best and that you feel disappointed. We’re concerned about failing you.

We want you to always receive the best from XoomProject and we are concerned that you feel that something can be improved and you don’t tell us about it. We’re concerned about not being able to convey enough trust so that you are able to tell us about anything you want.

Our concern is guaranteeing the well-being of sports people. Our concern is you.

In XoomProject we’re concerned about sports people like you.

What we hate:

We hate dishonesty. We are honest with ourselves, and we hope we’ll be able to convey the same honesty to you. Frankly speaking, we would also hate that you weren’t honest with us. Please, do not return any product to us that you have used… we’re going to know about it. Don’t follow us if we’re not interesting to you. Don’t criticise us when you haven’t even tried any of our products. Don’t look for polemics. Don’t buy from us if you don’t like us. Live and let live.

In XoomProject we hate the lack of honesty. Live and let live.

What we want to be:

We want to be your reputable sportswear brand. With which you feel identified. We want to continue doing what we do. We want to keep on giving our best so that you receive what you deserve: a product that goes with you and accompanies you in the sports challenges that you mark. We want to respond to your needs and adapt ourselves to you. Our commitment with you is absolute and we work to guarantee your daily comfort, well-being and health, in every kilo you lift and every drop of sweat you spill.

In Xoom Project we have a commitment, and that’s with you.

This is our manifest and that’s how we want to start the year. We hope to fulfil your expectations and to continue with this same enthusiasm for many years to come.


Start Small • Think Big.


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