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RipFix 1.34oz & CaliCure XL combination deal!



RipFix 1.34oz + CaliCure XL combination deal.

This Hand Care combination deal helps you to take care of your hands in an instant. The combination deal consists of a jar of Winnie’s RipFix of 1.34oz and a random colour CaliCure XL callus file .

Hand Care Must Have #1

The Super Tin 1.34oz Winnie’s RipFix hand care

If you suffer from ‘ripped hands’, Winnie’s RipFix is the remedy for you! It is the only product on the market made by a family of athletes and specially developed for those nasty cracking hands. It immediately removes the sharp pain after opening the hands and you can quickly resume training!

Lubricate the wounds as soon as possible after opening the hands and then use every night until the wound has healed.

Ingredients: Camphor, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Honey and Petroleum Jelly.
RipFix is the ideal product to heal and maintain damaged hands. It helps ensure a healthy layer of skin that is less likely to tear.
But RipFix is not only ideal for hands! You can also use it very well against many skin ailments such as eczema, fissures, cracked lips, abrasions and tattoos. You can call it a real Miracle Cream from the USA!
Use Winnie’s in combination with the pumice stone to keep your skin in top condition, keeping track of the calluses is not only important to ease the pain after a tear you also need this extra layer of skin. Maintaining them properly will keep the calluses soft and smooth, preventing wounds and pain.

Hand Care Must Have #2

The CaliCure XL Callus file

The CaliCure callus file is ergonomically designed. This allows you to maintain your hands in a gentle and safe way. This prevents the calluses in the hands from tearing. The CaliCure can be used both wet and dry. In addition, the CaliCure is 100% recyclable and produced in the USA.
The color is purely a personal choice and has no influence on the grain size or quality of the file!
Use weekly or more often if necessary to prevent tearing of calluses.
The CaliCure was invented for one simple reason. Preventing calluses from tearing.
As a new Cross fitter I quickly realized the importance of good hand care. With over 20 years of experience as a medical surgical nurse, I have seen all kinds of wounds and treatment options first hand.
However, using scissors, razors or your teeth is not the right tool for maintenance. You need a safe and simple tool to properly treat calluses. Preventing cracks and reducing the risk of infection and cross-contamination.
With the CaliCure callus file you can safely remove excess skin build-up (callus) without affecting healthy skin. To leave healthy, smooth hands.
The CaliCure is currently being used by everyday Cross fitters, athletes and coaches at the CrossFit Games level including Marcha van Glaanen-Weijgel . But also by Olympic gymnasts, Olympic lifters. Also rock climbers, martial artists, bodybuilders and powerlifters. Even chefs worldwide swear by CaliCure!
Trust your hands to ours.