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NeckSaviour Mini, “Pain relief doesn’t always have to come in the form of a pill.”


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NeckSaviour Mini “Pain relief doesn’t always have to come in the form of a pill”

The Story behind our Product

Necksaviour Mini is patented and one of the products from Epiphany Innovations. A new therapy, rehab and exercise product development company. Great innovation and cutting edge design.The use of advanced modern materials are at the heart of Epiphany Innovations.

We have a full understanding of what is therapeutic for numerous conditions. including neck problems. Not satisfied with existing home use traction products. I’ve felt for a long while that there must be better way, so I created one.

About NeckSaviour:

Our Mission

Is to create great products that improve lives by reducing pain and other symptoms. Products that can improve posture, alignment and lifestyle. Products that make good sense clinically. But that are also low tech, affordable and simple to use.

Our Design

Neck Saviour products have their roots in clinical experience. Their inspiration comes from what is understood clinically about what is required biomechanically for most people in this busy world we live in. That clinical experience combined with cutting edge design and the use of advanced modern materials delivers products that are effective, easy to use, portable and comfortable.

Our Promise

Our products have been created with you and your wellbeing in mind. Improving alignment, reducing pain and other symptoms is not always straightforward. But neck saviour should be beneficial for almost everyone. We welcome feedback and will strive to assist and improve your experience of our products and service in whichever way possible.

Neck Saviour Mini is the easiest way to stretch your neck while you just lie down and relax. Each Necksaviour Mini has a light or strong stretch option as well as a long or short neck option.

  • Reduces Neck Pain
  • Relieves Headaches
  • Aligns Spine and Posture

How does necksaviour mini work?

It’s so simple! Necksaviours are made of foam and are flat. When you bend them they try to go back to being flat. If you place a necksaviour behind your neck when it’s folded it can’t go flat because your head and shoulders stop that from happening. The forces created result in a stretch and an improved alignment of your neck. This feels great and can be very therapeutic 🙂

Necksaviour Mini Highlights

  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Light or strong stretch
  • Weighs just 58gs
  • Perfect for travel

This makes necksaviour Mini the perfect choice of necksaviour if you want the freedom to choose different stretch experiences at different times.

The exceptional quality foam from which our clever little saviour is made from can be used time and time again. It could significantly reduce the need to see a therapist for treatment. Therefore saving time and money.

It can also be used to maintain improvement between sessions or when it’s not possible to see your therapist.

Physical Therapist and Necksaviour developer, Wesley Marshall.

Great in combination with the Jade Muscle Blade for deep tissue massage!

Het Wod Winkeltje is the official Reseller for Neck Saviour Benelux. If you would like to order in bulk or sell Neck Saviour? Please contact us at info@hetwodwinkeltje.nl for wholesale pricing.


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