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When Unbroken Designs was born the idea was simple. We wanted to make fitness gear and accessories that were of superior quality with a fashionable edge. As athletes ourselves, we were consistently frustrated by the lack of quality and personality that were exuded in the products we tested. So we decided to make our own! And what began as a small accessories line catering to athletes that we worked out with, has now expanded into one of the sports industry leaders in producing top-of-the-line fitness gear with a fashion-forward edge. Our products have been tested by Olympic weightlifters, Strongman athletes, Bodybuilders, fitness competitors, team sports, and every-day gym-goers all over the world. 


The name Unbroken goes far beyond the fitness industry. We chose it for a reason. We wanted to represent both men and women who have been through a traumatic experience (whether physical and/or emotional) and have survived the experience only to “remain whole.” We represent “the survivor,” the person who keeps going when everything around them says to stop. To us, our name symbolizes not just the strength of the athlete, but the strength of the human behind the athlete. 


At Unbroken Designs, we’ve made it our mission to make the highest quality training gear out there. And we want to do it with style. Our designs are created with you in mind. Whether you’re the eccentric type, the Alpha type, the stoic type, or whatever. In fact, if you haven’t found a design that fits you here, chances are it isn’t out there… yet. Being athletes ourselves, we feed off of other athletes and coaches and the ever-growing trends of modern health and fitness. We do our best to listen to you, and to interact directly with any feedback that our customers may have. That’s because we are one of you!


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