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About NeckSaviour

By the inventor and physiotherapist – Wes Marshall BSc HONS MCSP SRP

We invented necksaviour because I wasn’t happy to recommend any existing products on the market. We wanted a product that people could use to maintain progress between sessions. Something that was super easy to use and portable so that they could get the benefit. Even when not able to attend physiotherapy, either due to cost, convenience or travel.

We wanted a product that patients with ongoing neck pain and headaches could use regularly. To keep pain at bay and reduce their use of medication.

The ‘light bulb’ moment was receiving a fragile item in a box with packing foam. Trying to push the foam back into the box after removing the item I realized how powerful but soft foam was. And there was my solution!

70+ prototypes later necksaviour was born and has gone on to win three design excellence awards including a medical one. necksaviours have now created happier necks and reduced headaches in 80+ countries!


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