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Liberté (pronouned lee behr tay) is a french word meaning freedom. Liberte Lifestyles LLC is a company founded on the desire to have the freedom to choose, to do what we want with our lives, to be able to buy products we love – products that fit your life and your style. To have it all!

I am Nicole Cowell, the owner and founder of Liberte Lifestyles LLC. I am a fitness fanatic, Mom and fashion addict. When I found myself outside of the corporate world for the first time, in a new country with no job and 2 very young children I decided to go out on my own and start a business. I decided to take a risk at creating something new and exciting – a business based on a lifestyle filled with family and fitness. A small business that I could control the full customer experience from end to end – creating great products and a great customer service experience. I founded Liberte Lifestyles in 2017 and thanks to our amazing customers I have never looked back!

My goal is to bring together everyday gym-life and style. Creating products that help you train harder and reach your personal best. Products that make you smile; products that make you look and feel great. In the beginning Liberte Lifestyles was only a fitness accessories business – knee sleeves, calf sleeves and wrist wraps. After a couple of years we added tanks and t-shirts and then took the next step into shorts and leggings. I love color and prints so you can expect prints to continue to form the core part of Liberte Lifestyles.

I hope you love our range!


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